Tenerife Carnival

The Tenerife Carnival is one of the most important festivals, not only in Spain, it has international repercussion. It has been declared "Festival with International Tourist Interest". The place where celebrations are bigger is Santa Cruz de Tenerife, meanwhile the festival is celebrated in all the cities and towns in the entire island.

The festival, which have place on February or March each year (depending on the dates of Easter) lasts almost two weeks and it doesn't involve just people disguising, there are also many prizes and competitions in the streets or in closed places of each municipality.There are competitions of murgas, comparsas, rondallas, agrupaciones... One of the most important is the election of the adult Queen of the Festival; it has importance in all the country. This is the moment where the Carnival competitions end and the Carnival in the streets starts during ten days.

The Carnival comes from the XVII century; this is the date where we have constancy by written of the first activities of this kind. In this century they talk about the comparsas when they talked about the different dancing they play in the capital. At the beginning it was forbidden to use masks but anybody did that so it leaded in the tapadas in the Carnival nights. What were the tapadas? It was the moment where the bourgeoisie mixed with the regular people thanks of the masks.

The twentieth century has been different to the Carnival. There has been two dictatorships and during them, Carnival almost disappear, from 1936 to 1945. From here, people started celebrating it underground but they didn't call the Carnival with this name but "Winter Festivals" and in 1954 it took place the first murga (it's a group of musicians who plays waiting for any presents), that in the present goes on. From the end of the second dictatorship in 1975, Carnival took up again his name and the Festivals went on.

From 1962 you can see different posters for each year that represent the theme of each Carnival. Tenerife Festival uses each year a different theme, some of them have been: the Middle Age, The World of the Comic, The Twenties, Celia Cruz, Fashion and Magic.

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